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GPS/GNSS Services: General Information

Michael McGee, PLS provides consulting services to surveying firms, engineering firms and government agencies. These services include training, education and assistance in understanding datums, reference frames and models; and how to organize, implement and complete GPS/GNSS projects. His background includes a B.S. in Surveying (1990) with 28 years' experience in GNSS surveying and mapping.

Services include training project managers and receiver operators in GPS/GNSS survey planning, quality control, processing, analysis and adjustment of GPS measurements to provide control, real time capabilities and GIS data collection.

Geodetic instructions and advice are provided on the relationship and utilization of datums like NAD27, NAD83, IGS08, IGS14 and ITRF14 as well as vertical datums like NGVD29, NAVD88 and the new 2022 Datums. More and more often surveying is less local and necessarily connected to the world by way of modern reference frames, and models like Geoid2012B, beta geoids and USGG2012. Understanding the history of national adjustments from the original NAD83 in 1984 to the more recent re-adjustments of the National Spatial Reference System is basic for moving forward with the latest reference frames and relating to legacy systems.

The most practical and productive experience for new users is the utilization of an actual project to become knowledgeable in the use of GPS. You can expect with 2-4 receivers to survey 8-24 high accuracy points per day with elevations accuracy comparable to conventional leveling

Project requirements, budget and overhead constraints will dictate the level of involvement and cost of services. I can organize and coordinate a project using your staff with the focus primarily on production and secondarily on education. This will expedite the project; however, it is likely you would need my services again on the next project to complete the training. The long term solution is to make the project an on the job training seminar.

If you have a specific project and can provide a project map we can discuss these items in more detail, answer questions and work together to estimate hours and costs


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